Tari Pabbitte Passapu pada Upacara Tradisi Perkawinan di suku Kajang dalm

Artikel oleh Ragil Tri Oktaviani, ISBI Bandung

Kata kunci: Pabbitte, Passapu Dance,Kajang Dalam tribe

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Dibuat: 08 Mei 2017


This article tries to reveral the existence of dance pabbitte passapu on pa"buntingan ceremony and dance forms of presentation .The exitence of pabbitte passapu dance is believed to be a fertility rite and custom rntertainment facilities. However , the presence of dance in the ceremony pa"buntingan pabbitte passapu is already secondary . In a sense , the dancers , although i the form of a "response" it does change the structure of dance movement patterns pabbitte passapu .
The focus of the analysis is the form of the dance pabbitte passapu presentation in a traditional marriage ritual ceremony of iner Kajang. The substance aims to reveral the analytical and descriptive of the subject matter associated with , the presence of dance pabbitte passapu in a traditional marriage ritual ceremony of Inner Kajang In; and the form presentation of pabbitte passapu dance. This article is expected to be contributive to the people of Inner Kajang to maintain the dance arts pabbitte passapu, as well as for the art people to add the inland art discourses in the arciphelago.

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