Kuasa Kolase dalam Ekologi Estetika Postmodern

Artikel oleh Nandang Gumelar Wahyudi, ISBI Bandung

Kata kunci: art, cillage, popular culture, post modern

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Dibuat: 08 Mei 2017


Nowadays in the field of art, talking about (art) collage is more than just technical matter to atach various other elements-beyond the conventions of painting -on a piece of canpas. It is more than the project that Picasso and Braque have been started in the exploration of experimental cubism to have the new visual image. Collage today is not merely an expresion of rebbelion as Kurt Schwitter, RaulHausmann or Hannah Hoch did in the spirit of anti-art that developed in Dada, Nowdays, Collage even transcends the iconic composition prowessad ad word of Richard Hamilton or Eduardo Paollozi in pop-art. Thus Cillage in the art map inside postmodern era could be some sort of perspective , a way of thinking and looking , spirit , or, footing ("blue-print")concept , even the idea of its self . Collage is probably a vast strech of land scape civilization that celebrates is self among history, knowledge, technology, gaming, market hospital, war, television and popular culture fanfase. Colage today are the images that were lined -piled araund us as a reality that is layered , that seemed real and visible in everyday life - and we"re in it as an inevitable part of the composition of the layers inside collage umpteenth great life

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