Mengungkap Identitas Sosial Iklan Komersial Bank Panin Dan Iklan Religius Dompet Dhuafa

Artikel oleh Hendy Yuliansyah, ISBI Bandung

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Dibuat: 08 Mei 2017


Advertising as it faces a state of society, can be understood as an easy way to get to know in brief social identity. With a variety of atributes imposed in an ad, than the level of maturity, life style as well as the vision of a society can be portrayed . Commecial advertising Panin Bank offers ease in all typesof banking transcations, which raises the need for new base. While advertisement designedby Dompet Dhuafa offers the easy way how to do the belief in Islam. and this is the ultimate key of all religiousadvertising of Dompet Dhuafa . So that the fision in all advertisement of Dompet Dhuafa is now to incrase awareness of Moslem in Islamic taching with zakat or shadaqah.

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