Museum Sri Baduga dalam Paradigma New Museology

Artikel oleh Detty Fitriany, ISBI Bandung

Kata kunci: new museology, Museum Sri Baduga, eco-museum

Sumber pengambilan dokumen: J 2016 PAN P I 1


Dibuat: 08 Mei 2017


Museum experiences a paradigm shift from the traditional museum into a modern museum then post-modern museum which gave birth to the movement of the eco-museum. As a museum established in the modern era, useum Sri Baduga needs to adjust to the new paradigm of museology. The focus of this study is to find the suitability of the museum Sri Baduga current principles with the principles of eco-museum both physical and managerial aspects of the museum and what changes should be made to achieve the ideal eco-museum . Methods of data analysisi is conducted qualitatively by using the Eco-museum guidance indicator of Coesane Gerard (2006. The presentation method of data analysisi is done informally in the form of narrative . The findings in this study are the strengths and opportunities that are owned by the museum Sri Baduga to meet the principles of eco-museum that cannot be commpleted at this time.

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