Relevansi selera Musikal dengan Politik Golongan di Indonesia Era Soekarno

Artikel oleh Arhamuddin Ali, ISBI Bandung

Kata kunci: musical tastes, political group, age and identity

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Dibuat: 08 Mei 2017


The aim of this study is to explain differences in musicaltastes in upper social class. The study also describes the relationship between musical tastes with the political groups in the community of Indonesia in sukarno era. As a conceptual basis, we use the views of Bourdieu abaut habitus, arenasand cultural capital . Also used a conceptual view of the Schuessler relationship of musical tastes and ages.
This case study concludes that the old group closed with development of new music tend to assume the old music as the best . On the other side , the young man open to the depelopment of news types of music. Besidesthe differences in musical tastes of young and old groups lead to a clash between them.
Differences in their taste of music creates an identity as a differentiator betwen them, resulting in aprocess of political groups in it.

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